Prodell’s Powerful Expression of Thanks

Prodell’s Powerful Expression of Thanks photo
Albert G. Prodell Middle School celebrated our country’s veterans with a special meet and greet, a breakfast sponsored by principal Kevin Vann, a pledge of allegiance led by guest veterans from various military branches and an eighth-grade assembly. Lt. Dan Guida of the United State Army spoke to the students about his experiences in Vietnam and Senior Master Sergeant Michael Wern (Air Force), Lance Corporal William Fitz (Marines) and Sergeant Janet Santeramo (Marines), were also in attendance.

Music teacher Fred Volz organized the middle school chamber ensemble for a patriotic entrance and students Courtney Greene and Laura Marino led the assembly. Red poppies were created by teacher Hilary Breig and staff member Cheryl Hoefler and worn by the students in remembrance of veterans. Teachers Kim Avelin, Christine Bradley, Hilary Breig, Brian Ferguson, Linda Loscalzo and Danielle Senneca organized the assembly, which was a first for the school and a collaboration of many people. She noted that Mr. Wern is a security guard in the middle school and was pleased to have a woman recognized among the veterans. The assembly day also marked exactly 50 years since Lt. Guida came home from Vietnam. “Students welcomed him with a standing ovation,” Ms. Senneca said. “Prodell has now named him the school’s official veteran.”