Prodell students are leaders in gratitude

Prodell students are leaders in gratitude photo
With all of the end-of-school-year activities taking place, Prodell Middle School students still have time to share gratitude and discover the leadership within themselves.

Inspired by a TED Talk, Student Council members encouraged others to write a short note – an overdue thanks for a long-ago gesture, a spontaneous thank-you to extend appreciation to someone, even just a happy face with a person’s name on it – to add to the growing number of sticky notes on the bulletin board outside the main office.

The two-week event continues to grow, with the wall showcasing a display of gratitude for peers, teachers, coaches, administrators, secretaries, custodians and bus drivers.

“Although it is always a busy time of year, the students collectively said, ‘Let’s do this,’ and set out to engage others in the project,” said Andrea Monz, school social worker and Student Council adviser. “They are learning that greatness is taking the time to express one’s gratitude for others.”

According to eighth-grader and Student Council president Joelle Ialacci, there is no better way to learn about leadership than to just do it. She was excited to see the results on the bulletin board for all to remember over the summer break.