Fourth-graders visit with four-legged protectors

Fourth-graders visit with four-legged protectors photo
Students at Wading River Elementary School had an opportunity to meet Wolf and Champ, two integral figures who help protect the local community. The German Shepherds, from the Suffolk County Police Department Canine Section, were accompanied by their handlers, Sgt. Kevin Krause and police officer Matthew DeWitt, respectively.

To prepare for the visit, the fourth-graders in Frank Ulrich’s class came up with a list of questions to ask, such as why German Shepherds are chosen (they have all the characteristics needed for the job) and why only male dogs are chosen (they maintain their natural behavioral characteristics as one of their work requirements).

The students viewed a PowerPoint on the history of using canines in helping police officers locate explosive devices, find people and identify illegal drugs. They also learned about the intense training techniques the officers use and the intelligence, agility and amazing sense of smell the versatile animals possess.