Building resiliency skills at Prodell

Building resiliency skills at Prodell photo thumbnail95935
Students at the Middle School recently took part in workshops designed to engage them through the power of connection, hope, help and strength.
The eighth-graders worked with Meryl Cassidy from Response of Suffolk County on developing resiliency skills, building supportive relationships and ways to help them cope with stress in a healthy manner.

The students learned that relying on various sources of strength is more powerful than relying on just one. They broke up into groups, discussing eight key categories: mental health, medical access, spirituality, generosity, healthy activities, mentors, positive friends and family support. They then created posters that included inspiring words or activities they enjoy – things that they can turn to strengthen these sources of protection so that when times get hard they can rely on them.

Students also lined the hallways with posters of their Sources of Strength. Music, media, gaming, sports, biking, friends, family and favorite teachers were among their most popular.

The program was facilitated by Cassidy, and middle school social worker Andrea Monz and psychologist Doreen Armstrong who serve as mentors to the students.

“Our hope is that students take away from these workshops a pure understanding of helping one another and becoming change agents in promoting positive peer relationships,” Monz said.