Embracing differences at Wading River Elementary School

Embracing differences at Wading River Elementary School photo  thumbnail95055
Students from the High School’s Reaching Independence through Structured Education program displayed a vast array of talents when they visited Wading River Elementary School for several Autism Awareness presentations.

Along with SWR High School special education teacher Caitlin Maher, the students shared their “superpowers” – from running, singing, drawing, acting and remembering birthdays – with third- and fourth-graders during their physical education classes.

“This is a great grade level to engage our community of students with acceptance
and to embrace the differences of others,” said Lynda Kranidis, special education teacher at Wading River Elementary School.

The high school students helped the younger students develop a better understanding of autism through personal stories, musical skills and an interactive true or false game.

“It’s encouraging to witness the appreciation for our students,” Maher said. “They are truly valued for their unique talents and gifts.”

After she spoke, student James Hunt shared his drawing “superpower,” one that he is very proud to show. He is a talented artist and displayed a portrait of Maher that he created.