Miller Avenue celebrates young authors

Miller Avenue celebrates young authors photo
Students in Linda Burke’s class had the opportunity to share their writings with their families during a recent Young Authors Celebration.

After extensive research in the school library on animals that are indigenous to Long Island, the second-graders had their published works available for reading and comments. Their finished reports on owls, raccoons, ducks, deer and more consisted of a table of contents, comprehensive information on the animal and a back page that included a short bio on the author. The project demonstrated the school’s commitment and achievements in this academic discipline.

“The class was excited to have an Author's Celebration to showcase their animal research projects,” said Mrs. Burke. “It is such a pleasure to share their growth in writing and research skills with family members.”

Following the celebration, a Jeopardy-type challenge pitted students against parents to see how knowledgeable they were about Long Island’s native creatures.