Revolutionizing relationships at Prodell

Prodell Student Council members are working to cultivate compassion and positivity with their month-long Kindness Challenge.

The students created two bulletin boards by the school’s main office. The “Take What You Need” one is decorated with different categorized envelopes filled with positive messages of hope, self-confidence, peace, kindness, patience, love, humility, self-control and faith. The “Give What You Can” board offers more than 100 random acts of kindness suggestions and even a place for students to make their own suggestions. The Kindness Challenge is open to all students and staff in the school.

“On days when a student may need just a word of encouragement, we want them to go to the bulletin board,” eighth-grader and Student Council president Joelle Ialacci said. “The concept is to take a word of advice and the goal is to encourage acts of kindness.”

Student Council members are also creating and reciting morning announcements for the project. The Student Council officers of announcements are seventh-grader Kayla Bodenburg and sixth-graders Erin Cahill and Cody Hoey. All student advisories are also participating by writing positive messages on sticky notes that will be placed on every student’s locker in the middle school.