Three WRES students to participate in BNL Science Fair

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Experimentation, observations and gathering results were the parameters met at Wading River Elementary School’s recent Science Fair, and three students will represent the school in the upcoming Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Elementary School Science Fair on May 5.

Third-grader Connor Hunt will represent the school with his “Ready, Aim, Fire!” project; fourth-grader Gabriella Gallagher’s project, “Plinko Probability,” and fifth-grader Chloe Jaeger’s work, “Investigating Outside Temperature and Man’s Best Friend,” will be entered into the competition. They will compete against the projects of other K-6 students from throughout Suffolk County.

Student projects included friction, DNA, slime and super fruit, represented in charts, experiments, demonstrations and diagrams. Honorable mention winners were third-graders Louis Cerniglia, Nathan Combs, Richard Cordano, Mia Stallone and Shealyn Varbero; fourth-graders Jocelyn Kavanaugh, Everett McClintock, Katie Provencher and Forrest Teptenhardt; and fifth-graders Connor DiMasi, Katherine Grzymala, Selene Hunt and Cameron Sheedy.

“It’s always rewarding to encourage our young scientists,” said Principal Louis Parrinello, of the students who work all year to discover cause-and-effect relationships and combine them into logical answers.