Sixth-graders share inspiring black history biographies

Sixth-graders at Prodell Middle School have been learning about the many African-Americans who have contributed to the advancement of our country. From authors, human rights activists, actors, sports figures, musicians, and the first man to win an Olympic Gold Medal, the students embarked on biography projects to recognize Black History Month.

Set up in the school’s library, the students created posters on their chosen subjects and presented them to their schoolmates, whom they encouraged to ask questions and share written comments.

Student Brighton Ciampo chose Jackie Joyner-Kersee for her report. “I wanted to choose an athlete and I liked her story,” she said. “She is multi-skilled and still works to help others.”

Along with teacher Anne DeSimone, co-teacher, Hilary Breig and teaching assistant Lauren Araujo worked on the project with the students.

“In addition to the academic aspect of the students learning about the many African-Americans who have made great strides in our country, they really embraced the opportunity to share their work with their peers,” said DeSimone.