Prodell students utilize technology to share kindness

As sixth-grade students continue to navigate, learn and connect through 21st century education, teacher Lisa McEvoy at Prodell Middle School came up with a unique way for them to weave a Valentine message and words of kindness with an academic focus.

She instructed each student in her class to use a Google Classroom form and anonymously write some positive traits about a classmate, their kind actions and other encouraging words. She then compiled all their comments into an individual Valentine for each of them and handed them out on Valentine’s Day.

“The students really rose to the occasion and wrote some very thoughtful, kind and funny notes for one another,” she said.
McEvoy also used the lesson as opportunity to reiterate the school’s philosophy in which students and adults promote and exemplify respect, growth and awareness of self and others.

“Whenever they be may be having a rough day, I want them to use these unique notes as special reminders of how important each one of them is to others.”