High School teachers receive LILAC grant

Two English teachers from the High School have been selected to receive a grant from the Long Island Language Arts Council.

Alana Philcox and Edward Storck, both members of the organization, wrote a proposal to support their efforts as co-advisors of the school district’s Gay-Straight Alliance. Their project’s aim is to cultivate empathy and promote the need for social harmony in a culturally diverse world. Members of the GSA will have an opportunity to discuss real-world issues and to better understand what it means to be a part of a global community that respects and celebrates each other’s unique qualities.

“As English teachers, we understand the critical role that literature can have in starting a dialogue,” said Philcox. “By integrating bibliotherapeutic strategies into instruction and selecting texts with authentic depictions, we can expose our members to diverse experiences to foster acceptance and understanding for diverse individuals.”

LILAC offers the annual $500 grant program to support efforts of their members’ to provide superior literacy instruction and opportunities to all students.