Wading River School student takes leadership role as ‘Principal for the Day’

While her classmates were readying for their day of learning at Wading River School, Samantha Murtha had other work on her agenda.

The fifth-grade student took on the leadership role of the school in her position as Principal for the Day on Dec. 1. Principal Louis Parrinello served as her assistant, providing opportunities to make the experience an authentic, behind-the-scenes look at his everyday responsibilities.

Samantha, who won the honor in a raffle drawing, was engaged in many activities during her tenure. She provided input on an upcoming elementary mathematics textbook adoption, toured the building with the security team, met with various stakeholders including Superintendent of Schools Gerard Poole, the chef and staff of the school’s cafeteria, faculty, staff, students and parents.

Samantha also made decisions, such as granting her class extra recess time and helping others resolve differences. She was celebrated among her peers, receiving support throughout the building and a round of applause by the entire fifth grade when she visited chorus rehearsals.

“Throughout the experience, Samantha learned that each of us is a leader and with that power to lead comes great joy and responsibility,” said Parrinello. “Having leaders like her gives me great hope for the future.”