Safety tips on stage at Miller Avenue School

Students in Shoreham-Wading River High School’s integrated theater class took a field trip to Miller Avenue School to stage a “Safe Halloween” and share some important trick-or-treating tips with second-grade students.

While the general philosophy of the theater class has a typical focus on arts and education, it goes beyond that. It is a rewarding opportunity for special education and general education students to interact, and together, they develop social, public speaking and acting skills.

To prepare, the high school students wrote scenes, improvised and rehearsed their skits before showcasing an authentic performance that was met with enthusiasm from the elementary students. From using a flashlight after dark, only accepting wrapped candy while trick-or-treating and having their treats checked at home by a parent, the students were eager to share their stories at a question and answer session after the performance.

“Our class worked for the past several weeks creating skits to share with the younger students,” said teacher Mary Hygom. “It was a great success and one they are all proud of taking part in.”