STEM skills in action at Miller Avenue School

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Second-graders at Miller Avenue School had an educational start to trick-or-treating when they used their science, technology, engineering and math skills to navigate through spooky-themed centers set up in their classrooms.

Rotating through three Halloween STEM centers, students were given a set of supplies and specific criteria and constraints to complete a task. Using the assigned materials, they discussed and developed a plan with teammates before testing and making modifications to their ideas to complete each challenge.

In Robert Korchma and Laura Urban’s classroom, a “creature catcher” was created where the students made rock spiders and worked in partnerships to build a web that was able to withstand the weight of the spiders so that they wouldn't fall through it. Kerri Langan’s students worked in teams to construct a bone bridge as long as possible and then tested them to see if a plastic spider could safely cross it. In Kristen Gironda’s classroom, students constructed clothespin fences that were large enough and sturdy enough to safely accommodate five rubber pumpkins.

“The students really enjoyed each activity and we are looking forward to introducing other STEM activities throughout the year,” said Ms. Gironda.