Shoreham-Wading River Roundout Equals Summer Fun

With daily themes to take part in and a schedule that includes art, gym, tennis and basketball, more than 150 students have been enjoying summer vacation during Shoreham Wading River School District's annual Roundout program.

Headed by Recreation Specialists Maria Mistretta and Bob Szymanski, the daily camp is filled with smiles, laughter and creating friendships. According to Ms. Mistretta, although the sessions are only three hours every morning, students enthusiastically embrace that day's activities. They work collaboratively toward the program's culminating team spirit week and a race for each grade level to capture the spirit cup. A recent focus was on all things Hawaiian - with older students taking part in a tie dye T-shirt lesson while younger ones dressed the part in their colorful attire, including a few grass skirts in the crowd.

Much of the organized play is provided by the student volunteers, who attended the summer program as campers and enjoyed it so much they came back to share the fun with the younger students.