Dear Shoreham-Wading River Community,
Over the past month there has been much discussion and debate over the District’s funding of the 2017 senior class trip. We have engaged students, parents and residents in these conversations and have listened to each valued and unique perspective.
As a result of these communications, the administration, with full support from the Board of Education, has made the determination to further revise field trip funding and reallocate the $40,000, which was originally slated for a 2018 senior trip. This money will be redistributed into the proposed 2017-2018 budget to fund other initiatives.
The District feels this decision is in the best interest of the educational community at large and is why each year, the District reviews its policies and practices in an effort to best serve our student body. The creation of the budget is an inclusive and fluid process as demonstrated by the open dialogue we shared on this topic and the receptive nature of the district, which prompted this budgetary shift.
The District prides itself on providing a multitude of enrichment activities for students, and will continue to explore ways to responsibly fund educational experiences for the student body.
We appreciate the community’s support and feedback and look forward to another successful school year ahead.
Neil Lederer
Interim Superintendent of Schools