Eagle Project to Honor Tom Cutinella

Sophomore Ryan Ledda is set to preserve the memory of Tom Cutinella through an Eagle Scout project. The completed project will forever celebrate Tom’s life with a memorial at the high school’s football field featuring a bust of Tom surrounded by landscaping and inscribed pavers.

To fund the project, which is estimated to cost more than $20,000, Ryan is selling the engraved pavers and has also set up a GoFundMe page. In addition, he has secured donations from Emerald Landscaping and S&S Complete Landscaping. Construction on the memorial will commence as soon as improvements to the football field are completed in February.

“I didn’t know Tom personally, but my sister, Gabriella, was good friends with him,” said Ryan, a member of Boy Scout Troop 161. “I wanted to do something special in his memory.”

To place an order for a paver, click here, and to donate to through GoFundMe, click here.