We the People…


Students across the District celebrated the 228th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution through a variety of hands-on activities on Sept. 17.

At Wading River Elementary School, students marked Constitution Day by wearing red, white and blue or dressing up as important historical figures, including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Betsy Ross and Abraham Lincoln. In all classrooms, students learned about the importance of the Constitution and the country’s 39 founding fathers.  

At the high school level, students participated in a new voter information program sponsored by the Suffolk County Board of Elections. Throughout the day, juniors and seniors met with four nonpartisan representatives from the Board of Elections who spoke about the importance of voting and the voting process. During the assemblies, students also had the opportunity to use a voting machine in a mock election.

Additionally, Participation in Government students held a voter registration in an effort to register any students who will be 18 years old before Dec. 31 to vote. By second period, they had already registered 30 fellow students.

Director of Humanities Rebecca Chowski said the new high school program is especially important due to the political climate. “Now, at the brink of the presidential primary season, celebrating our constitutional rights, and especially the right to vote, becomes even more important,” she said. “Increasing student comfort with the physical act of voting — using a voting machine, looking at a ballot and registering to vote — will encourage students to participate in our democracy.”