A Fitness Experience

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At the middle school, gym class means more than just getting students active during the day; rather, it aims to provide a fitness experience that will follow students through the rest of their lives.

“We are working hard to give students a well-rounded physical education experience that will help make them lifelong movers,” said gym teacher Allison DeMarco.

To accomplish this, the physical education program is taken out of the box, going beyond the normal team sports to include Zumba, yoga, Pilates and activities in the fitness center, featuring jungle gym bands, weights and an elliptical.

“All of these activities are ones that students can practice over a lifetime,” said Ms. DeMarco. “They also get them moving and thinking about their overall health. Kids spend a lot of time on computers now, so it is important to get them moving.”

The new additions to the fitness program were largely made possible with the assistance of the PTO, which donated the elliptical, recumbent bikes, fitness bands and mic system for Zumba.

“All of the gym teachers are teaching students how to properly use the new equipment to create effective workouts,” said Ms. DeMarco, who hopes to add kickboxing to the program in the near future.