Student Engineers His Future

With the goal of becoming a chemical engineer, 11th-grader Andrew Hubner is taking advantage of Lead the Way, a new engineering-focused STEM program offered by BOCES.

The two-year program, which runs every school day from 12-2:30 p.m. at the Bixhorn Technology Center in Bellport, gives him the opportunity to get extensive engineering training while earning college credit.

“I really enjoy chemistry, and this program is very hands-on,” said Andrew, who is one of five Suffolk County students enrolled in Lead the Way.

The junior believes that aside from providing him with professional engineering training, Lead the Way will also give him the edge he needs to gain entrance into the college of his choice.

“It will look good for me when I apply for a school that has an engineering program,” he said.

To qualify for Lead the Way, which he applied for in May, Andrew had to ensure that he earn enough credits for high school graduation. To do so, he took his English Regents exam a year early.

In addition to taking on a full credit load and participating in the BOCES program, Andrew is also a member of the school’s band, plays volleyball and tennis, is vice president of the public library’s teen adolescent program, and is running for vice president of BOCES’ Skills USA club.