Students Ring Bell for Peace

On Sept. 11, high school students Molly Lutz and Liam Lane rang the district’s Peace Bell in honor of the heroes of 9/11.

Prior to the ringing, Principal Dan Holtzman reflected on the events of 9/11 in a speech.

“We must never forget the legacy of September 11, 2001, and the fight for freedom and peace that wages on,” Mr. Holtzman said. “This is an unprecedented time in world history. As you sit in classes and question what is the importance, or why do I need to learn this, keep this in mind: You are living in a time where every day is history in the making. It is critical for you be thoughtful and have an opinion about these events, and to recognize that in order to make change on any level, in any arena, on any issue, you must first be able to identify, understand and appreciate its significance. There is no better time than now to do so.”

His words were followed by a moment of silence.

Photo provided by student photographer Stephen Spinelli