2014 AP Scholars Named

A number of students have earned AP Scholar Awards in recognition of their exceptional achievement on AP exams that they took last May.

In total, 28 students were named AP Scholars, 19 earned the title of AP Scholar with Honor, 16 were named AP Scholars with Distinction and five were ranked as National AP Scholars.

The district has been running an AP program for the past 20 years in an effort to provide students with college-level rigor in a high school setting. The district’s AP program, which caters to about 250 students, provides students with the ability to not only earn college credits, but to also demonstrate to colleges that they are willing to go beyond minimum high school requirements by choosing to take on a more rigorous AP course load.

The high school currently provides 14 AP courses ranging in subjects from math and science to social studies, English, art and music. The most popular courses include AP Macroeconomics, AP U.S. History, AP English Literature and AP Composition.

The following is a list of students who received AP Scholar Awards:

AP Scholars
Nicholas Arata, Rachel Aspesi*, Theresa Bender, Kayla Briska*, Amber Bubka*, Lauren Daly, Gavin Davis, Christopher Devito*, Brennan Gorman*, Brandon Green, Jayne Hoffman*, Jade Joannou*, Abigail Langer, Laura Logan, Michael Loscalzo*, Kelvin Ma, Liam Mears, John Meier, Kayla Mistretta*, Christopher Munoz*, Jason Novetti*, Savanah Pappas*, Kyle Pendergast*, Sarah Uzzi, Ameilia Valdes*, Giavanna Verdi*, Emily Weber* and Kelly Wynkoop*

AP Scholars with Honor
Philip Andolena, Kevin Callagy*, Sean Condron*, Margaret Daly*, Francis Desiderio, Alyssa Filangeri*, Max Goldfarb*, Matthew Leunig*, Sean Mannix, Leo McDonnell*, Mutong Niu*, Dominic Pirraglia*, Gregory Schotte*, Bridget Serdock*, Hayden Sierra,
Keith Steinbrecher*, Rosario Terracina*, Jordan Wright* and Spring Yu

AP Scholars with Distinction
Tyler Anderson*, Kaden Badalian*, Toryn Cairo*, Emily Gass*, Madison Hubner*
Madeline Kelly, Julie Lindell*, Maxwell Maritato*, Brent Mertz, Victoria Mikros*, Alexandra Pagano*, Matthew Peraza*, Christian Raimondo, Sean Scarbrough, Rachel Stearns* and Zachary Zumbo

National AP Scholars
Tyler Anderson*, Emily Gass*, Madison Hubner*, Brent Mertz and Matthew Peraza*

*Graduated in June 2014