Community Bond Committee Moves Forward

The District’s community-driven bond committee has been working all summer to develop a plan that will “bring back pride to the district” by improving the district’s facilities through a bond referendum later this school year.

Throughout the summer, the members of the bond committee, which is comprised of parents and community members, continued to meet to narrow the scope of the project that will include improvements at all of the district’s schools, including the high school, middle school, Miller Avenue and Wading River schools.

Committee members believe that all of the district’s schools are in desperate need of basic infrastructure repairs, including the repair of roofs, parking lots and athletic facilities. The committee has also researched plans for the addition of eating spaces at the schools, especially for middle school students, who will be having their lunch period in the gym this year.   

The committee will make their recommendations on facility improvements during a presentation to the Board of Education on September 9 at 7:00 p.m. in the High School Library. It is anticipated that they will recommend that the Board approve a resolution for a public bond referendum vote in December. It is also anticipated that some of the project costs will be defrayed through state aid, if the community approves the bond.