Incoming Sixth-Graders Get an Inside Look at Middle School

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Fifth-graders from Wading River and Miller Avenue elementary schools had a sneak peek into what awaits them next year during Safari Day at Prodell Middle School on June 5.

This is the first time Prodell hosted an introduction to middle school with both elementary schools at the same time. In years past, the elementary schools would take turns visiting the middle school.

The change is part of the district’s move to the Princeton Plan, which will divide students among buildings based on grade level, not neighborhood, starting in the fall.  

“This is a very special day,” said middle school guidance counselor Kelly Young, who organized Safari Day. “Our goal is to give these students a comfort level so everything doesn’t seem so new on the first day.”

“It is so important for these students to have the opportunity to learn more about middle school before the first day,” agreed Middle School Principal Linda Anthony.

During the event, 200 fifth-graders attended an assembly where they learned the ins and outs of middle school, including eight-period days, lockers, lunch protocol and having good organizational skills. Also during the assembly, the all-girl vocal group The Quartertones and the all-boy vocal group The Chromatics treated students to performances.

Following the assembly, the fifth-graders were broken up into groups and given tours of the school by eighth-graders, who also took time to sit down with their younger peers and answer questions.