Kindness Blooms at Prodell

Kindness is blooming this spring at Prodell Middle School through the Random Acts of Kindness program. Founded by the school’s Shared Decision-Making Committee last year, the initiative promotes the good things students are doing and encourages them to continue those behaviors.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to help our students make good decisions,” said principal Dr. Linda Anthony. “One of our goals was to find a way to depart from the traditional do’s and don’t's and encourage the pre-existing good that already fills our classrooms.”

The project’s theme, “Kindness Blooms Here,” allows students to nominate people who they have seen perform random acts of kindness. Then, the nominee’s name and action are written on a leaf and placed on a class tree, located in the respective wing of the building.

“We also have kindness captains, who are student volunteers interested in spearheading this initiative,” said teacher and Shared Decision-Making Committee member Diana Richardson. “They collect the leaves weekly and help us showcase all of the positivity that is happening around us.”