A Galactic Outer Space Lesson

Wading River Elementary School students are taking a giant leap into the world of outer space this month as part of the physical education department’s Space Exploration program. Instructors Katie Carlson and John Regazzi have worked to transform the school’s gymnasium into a space-themed environment with various “space stations” where students will learn, in detail, about the many aspects of space exploration, aviation, the solar system and more.

“Our physical education department has done a tremendous job of creating something that not only excites the students, but also helps them to jump right back into learning after the holiday break,” said Wading River Elementary Principal Stephen Donohue. Some of the highlights of the setup include 3-D posters of the planets and unique stars that students created during art classes.

The three-week program will give students the opportunity to identify notable astronauts, study milestones in space history, and examine the evolution of space shuttles and space stations. In addition, an obstacle course, which includes a rock wall, will incorporate discussions about the physical training that astronauts perform before their flight.