Prodell Students Thank First Responders

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This fall, the social studies department at Prodell Middle School organized a letter writing campaign to members of the local police and fire departments. Beginning with their in-class observation of the anniversary of 9/11, students in grades six through eight worked to create their correspondences of gratitude to first responders in the area.

“The selfless acts of our police and fire people can sometimes go unnoticed and we wanted to ensure they were being recognized for their service,” said teacher Danielle Senneca. “These letters served as a big thank-you from our school.”

Dozens of letters were delivered on behalf of the students, who were extremely eager to celebrate the courageous acts of their neighborhood heroes. “It felt good to thank the first responders in our community,” said one student. “We felt like we owed it to them for all that they do for us,” added another.