Middle School Students Bring ‘Starmites’ to Life

In early April, Prodell Middle School students brought the auditorium stage to life with their production of “Starmites.” Originally performed by the middle school in 1994, the science fiction story tells the tale of Eleanor, a teenager who “escapes” the real world through her creation of a science fiction fantasy. Her dream consists of the characters she has befriended in her comic books and the “Starmites,” the guardian angels of Innerspace.
The middle school production featured two separate casts, allowing 47 student-actors to participate. In addition to the talented casts, middle school students also served as members of the stage crew, ensuring that the productions went off without a hitch.
Directed by Artie Gross and produced by Danielle Senneca, “Starmites” transported audiences to another world, entertaining them throughout.