Asbestos Abatement This Weekend

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Beginning tomorrow afternoon (January 13) after school, two small areas of Miller Avenue School will undergo asbestos abatement. This is a routine matter that should offer no cause for concern for parents or staff members, and we want to reassure you that all appropriate precautions will be taken in conformance with asbestos abatement regulations.

Our schools have no ‘friable’ asbestos, meaning that any asbestos that exists is ‘contained’ and not open to the air. This is typical of most school buildings and many other municipal facilities in the country. Periodically, asbestos abatement projects are conducted when deemed necessary by district staff through examination of building infrastructure. In the case of Miller Avenue, we are conducting two small projects:

• The insulation around a joint fitting in a gym closet has become partially dislodged. Our Director of Facilities examined the fitting, had it tested, and recommended that the insulation be removed. The area of concern is approximately 2” x 2”.

• Due to a carpet replacement project in Room #20, a broken floor tile was discovered. This, too, was tested for asbestos, and recommended for abatement.

These minor projects will be conducted according to all State and Federal regulations for asbestos abatement, which includes air testing. None of this work will be conducted while students and staff are in the building, and no one will return to the building until the post-abatement air quality testing is conducted over the weekend.

We anticipate no issues with this project, and school will be in normal session on Tuesday after the Monday holiday.