Summer Fun in the Sun


The fields and classrooms of Miller Avenue and Wading River Elementary Schools were abuzz with activities this summer. The only school supplies required were comfortable clothes and an occasional bathing suit, as eager students from the community participated in the District’s annual Roundout program.

The program was originally started in the early 1980s and runs for five weeks in July and August. Roundout continues to gain popularity, with approximately 300 students in grades K-6 participating in the daily morning activities this year. There are almost as many volunteers and counselors as there are participants. Students in grades 7-9 start off as assistants to the counselors and work their way up to becoming assistant and head counselors.

“These counselors love the camp and working with the kids so much that they choose to work here summer after summer,” Wading River Roundout Supervisor Bob Szymanski remarked.

Throughout Roundout, the participants were enrolled in a wide range of activities including general playground recreation, board activities, and artwork. Additionally, the students took part in several different theme days. Water Day, Watermelon Day, Ice Cream Day, a day of relay races, and kickball competitions were just a few of the campers’ favorites.

“The camp is a quick three hours, but a lot of fun for the community,” Miller Avenue Supervisor Hal Davis said. “Everyone has a wonderful and safe time.”