The PTAs and PTOs of Wading River, Miller Avenue, and Briarcliff Elementary Schools would like to thank the students and parents who participated in the SWR “Food Train.” For the past several weeks, the students in each school have been placing decorated cardboard boxes filled with non-perishable food behind constructed paper train engines. Students at Wading River formed the “Wading River Express,” Miller Avenue created the “Miller Avenue Torpedo,” and Briarcliff formed the “Briarcliff Express.” All together, the trains delivered 1,803 pounds of food to St. Anselm’s, St. Mark’s, and St. John’s food pantries to help feed families in need.
 “These pantries give food to over 100 families each week, and our kids’ donations help these families in need,” PTA representative Anna Acker stated. “Thank you for your generosity and for making this food drive a success.”