AP Seminar Students Reflect on Happiness

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Positive psychology, mindfulness practices and the elusive question of what is happiness were the highlights of the annual AP Seminar Stimulus Material Review Day at Shoreham-Wading River High School. The 67 students in the course participated in a series of lectures and activities on this year’s theme provided by the College Board of “What is happiness?” Principal Mr. Frank Pugliese presented on how this generation’s perceptions of happiness differ from previous generations with particular focus on the use of technology, AP Economics teacher Mr. Jason Malvagno highlighted how economics principles affect happiness, and school psychologist Dr. Peter D’Elena presented on the psychology of happiness and provided students with research-based strategies to improve levels of happiness. The students then worked with physical education teacher Ms. Brittany Davis, who led them through a guided meditation that centered around mindfulness practices and self-reflection. After considering the topic of happiness from a variety of perspectives, students in Mr. Walter Caskie’s AP Research class, who were AP Seminar students last year, led multiple small-group sessions to help the AP Research students brainstorm and refine their ideas about future research projects related to happiness.