Play Pals Club Showcase New T-shirts!

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Miller Avenue’s Play Pals Club was created last school year when special education teacher Ms. Meghan Schepps wanted to offer the young students an opportunity to grow with a mutual understanding and respect for their peers with disabilities and, in turn, lead students to create a more inclusive community as they grow in life. “Our club consists of general education students who act as peer models/buddies to students with classified disabilities,” Ms. Schepps said of how each student is paired one-on-one with a “buddy” during the monthly meetings that they attend to learn through play in developmentally appropriate activities.

This year, to add to the camaraderie of the club, co-adviser and first grade inclusion teacher Mrs. Ronnie Malave reached out to a former Play Pals Club participant to create the artwork for the club’s T-shirts – Wading River School third grader Keira Gosman. “I remember Keira being a very talented artist when she participated in Play Pals last year,” Mrs. Malave said. “I thought it would be great if we could ask her to create a sketch for our T-shirt design for the club this year. She did an outstanding job!”