Miller Avenue’s New Coding Club

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Students in Miller Avenue School have an exceptional extracurricular opportunity with the school’s new coding club. Guided by music teacher/adviser Ms. Cara Brown, the popular club is teaching and challenging students to use logic to problem solve, create algorithms, develop step-by-step solutions and explore different methods of coding with some well-known characters, including Dory and Elsa.

“We used the Wonder app and the Path app to explore different methods of coding,” Ms. Brown said. “In the Path app, students drew a line of code for Dash to follow. They followed directions and sequencing to place different obstacles, sounds and actions along their line of code.”

The students also used an app with animal-themed precoding logic to help animals from different continents reach their goal and programmed a peanut butter sandwich robot, along the way learning about efficient ways to use loops in the algorithm.

Ms. Brown works with 20 kindergarten students in this particular session, with kindergarten and first grade sessions meeting for three weeks followed by second graders who will meet for eight weeks. She estimates that by the end of the school year, 160 kids will have received coding instruction either before or after school.